Calumet/East Chicago/Schererville Chapter 157

Established: December 1st, 1927
Current Members: 68
Current Life Members: 9
Chapter location: Schererville, Indiana
Meeting location: Saint George Greek Orthodox Church - Schererville, Indiana
Meeting Schedule: Chapter 157 meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 CDT.

First President:

Active Life Member list: 9
70 years - Chris Karabatsos
68 years - John Katsoulis
62 years - James Lafakis, Thomas Cappas
58 years - John Kountoures
56 years - Gust Manous, Harry Psaltis
53 years - George Nastav
51 years - George Stavropoulos

Past Supreme President: NONE
Past Supreme Lodge: (2) Harry Psaltis, Tom Gober
Past Supreme Governors: (2) Harry Psaltis and Tom Gober
Past District Governors: (3) Harry Psaltis, Tom Gober, Tom Kouros

Chapter #157 Charter Membership. Chartered December 1st, 1927 with 29 members.

George Speros
Soterios Kalomiris
Thomas Rumas
Apastolos Letsos
Bill Vlahoritis
John Dollas
Thomas Karas
Louis K. Tsaros
Chris Danikolas
James Kosmides
George Kosmides
James Rumas
Nicholas Kotsiakos
Gus Vambakas
Nick G. Garas
James Chrestopoulos
Paul Bovis
James J. Karabatsos
Constantine P. Frantzis
Mike Salatas
John Kontoloukas
Aleck Pipiringas
William Siringas
Mike Kamvisis
Sam Cappas
John Theo Morfis
John Maniatakis
Peter J. Anderson
Peter Pappathanos
Chapter 157 officers:

President: Telis Panousis
Vice President: George Stavropoulos
Secretary: Ernie Dunbar
Treasurer: Carey Mouriatides
Warden: Niko Panousis
Chaplain: Harry Psaltis

Board of governors
Chairman: George Nastav
Thad Kanavos

Merrillville Chapter 78 ("Mother Lodge")

Established: July 22nd, 1925
Current Members: 125
Current Life Members: 9
Chapter location: Merrillville
Meeting location: Ahepa Phase IV - Merrillville, Indiana
Meeting Schedule: Chapter 78 meets the 1st Wednesday of every month.

(Note: Do not meet in June, July, and August)

First President: Alex Eliopoulos

Active Life Member list: 9

62 years - John Demetrakis, George Vlahos
59 years - Louis Bravos
57 years - Andrew Paramantgis, James Thomas
56 years - Spero Stamos
53 years - Lee Christakis
52 years - George Demitroulas, Sam Kyres

Past Supreme President: (1) Michael Spirtos (1972 - 1973)
Past Supreme Lodge: (3) Michael Spirtos, Chris Peppas, Nick Kavadas
Past Supreme Governors: (3) Michael Spirtos, Chris Peppas, Nick Kavadas
Past District Governors: (14) Michael Spirtos, Theodore Tsangaris, Michael Zonakis, Chris Trakas, William Damaskos, John Bizanes, John Demetrakis, Sam Kyres, Chris Peppas, George Halkias, Louis Gikas, Nick Kavadas, Matthew Kochevar, Sam Benjamin

Chapter 78 is VERY proud of its apartments for the community senior citizens. We have 6 apartment complexes built and occupied.

AHEPA 78 Phase I - OPEN 1992
AHEPA 78 Phase II - OPEN 1995
AHEPA 78 Phase III - OPEN 1997
AHEPA 78 Phase IV - OPEN 2002
AHEPA 78 Phase V  - OPEN 2006
AHEPA 78 Phase VI - OPEN 2009

South Bend Chapter 100

Established: April 25th, 1926
Current Members: 40
Current Life Members: 6
Chapter location: South Bend, Indiana
Meeting location: Ahepa Phase I - South Bend, Indiana
Meeting Schedule: 3rd Tuesday of each month

First President:

Active Life Member list: 6

61 years - Nick Anagnos, William Kanalos
57 years - Arthur Nicholas, Nick Rorres
52 years - Christ Bouris
51 years - John Kouroubetes

Past Supreme President: (1) Leo Lamberson (1953-1954)
Past Supreme Lodge: 0
Past Supreme Governors: 0 
Past District Governors: (3) John Magrames, Paul Saros, Gust Saros

Chapter 100 is VERY proud of its apartment for our communitys senior citizens. We have 1 apartment complexes built and occupied.


Chapter 100 officers:

President: Michael Saros
Vice President: Terry Karaszewski
Secretary: Leon Andrews
Treasurer: Theodore Poledor
Warden: VACANT

Board of governors:
Chairman: Paul Saros

Fort Wayne Chapter 81

Established: December 6th, 1925
Current Members: 12
Current Life Members: 2
Chapter location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Meeting location: Holy Trinity Church
Meeting Schedule: Chapter 81 meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00EST

All meetings are to take place at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church’s meeting room, 110 E. Wallen Rd., Fort Wayne.

First President:

Active Life Member list: 2
51 years - Arthur Spirou, Lazaros Retzios

Past Supreme President: NONE
Past Supreme Lodge: NONE
Past Supreme Governors: NONE
Past District Governors:  (3) Nikos Hatzigeorgiou, Jerry White, Jimmie Furos

Chapter 81 officers:

President: George Raptis
Vice President: Themis Gountras
Secretary: Jim Furos
Treasurer: Jim Furos
Warden: Vacant
Board of governors

Hammond Chapter 123

Established: October 14th, 1926
Current Members: 66
Current Life Members: 15
Chapter location: Hammond, Indiana

Meeting location: Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Mediterranean room / Hammond, Indiana
Meeting Schedule: Chapter meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30PM (Note: No meetings in July and August)

First President: Peter Brahos (1926)

Active Life Member list: 15
70 years - Peter Dremonas, Spero Gregory, George Tsatsos
61 years - John Toyias
59 years - George Karras, Nathan Karras, James Lagos
58 years - George Bizoukas, George Colias
55 years - Gus Sirounis, Finis Coulis
54 years - John Loxas, George Panos
53 years - Gus Gavrilos
52 years - Harry Colias

Past Supreme President: (1) James Scofield (1990-1991)
Past Supreme Officers: 0 
Past Supreme Governors: 2 
James Kostopoulos *
Leo F. Sarivalas *

Past District Governors: 9 
Steve Grammas*
Peter A. Michaels*
Spiro J. Senes*
Gus G. Gavrilos*
James G. Brahos*
Leo F. Sarivalas*
Peter C. Sotos*
Finis Coulis
George Bizoukas

*deceased (May their memory be eternal)

Members are from: Dyer, Gary, Hammond, Highland, Munster, Saint John, Schererville, and Whiting Indiana. Also from Chicago, Lansing, Oak Brook, Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Tinley Park, Illinois. In addition, members also are from Galveston ,TX, Plymouth, MN, Scottsdale, AZ, and Wilmington, NC.

Chapter 123 officers:

President: Nick Loxas
Vice President: Mike Cavvouras
Secretary: George Karras
Treasurer: Demetrios Yannakopoulos
Board of governors
Chairman: Dan Skotadis
Gov #1: James Lagos
Gov #2: Nick Stamiris
Gov #3: Peter Stamiris
Gov #4: George Colias
Gov #5: John Douglas


Chapter 198 - Anderson

Chapter 210 - Muncie

Chapter 227 - Kokomo

Chapter 530 - Valparaiso

Indianapolis Chapter 232 (James Witcomb Riley)

Established: June 20th, 1929
Current Members: 45
Current Life Members: 9
Chapter location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Meeting location: AHEPA 232 Phase I Apartments
Meeting Schedule: Chapter 232 meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00EST.

You can get more information on the Indy Chapter 232 via their website at:

First Chapter President:

Active Life Member list: 9
68 years - Nick Smyrnis
67 years - Joe Alexander, Nicholas Farris, Paul Farris
65 years - Peter Sofios
55 years - Dan Baker
57 years - Nick Jannetides
56 years - Peter Kirles
53 years - Jim Bovis

Past Supreme President: (1) Nick Smyrnis
Past Supreme Lodge:
Past Supreme Governors: (1) Nick Jannetides
Past District Governors: (7) Peter Americanos, Angelo Kostarides, Nick Jannetides, Nick Smyrnis, Pete Sofios, Tom Doney, Dr. Harry Torney

Chapter 232 is VERY proud of its three local HUD-funded, affordable rental housing apartment communities for senior citizens in Indianapolis.

AHEPA 232 Phase I - OPEN 1985
AHEPA 232 Phase II - OPEN 1987
AHEPA 232 Phase III - OPEN 2005

Chapter 232 Officers:

President: George Pappas
Vice President: ???
Secretary: Nick Dervenis
Treasurer: Anthony Waterbury
Warden: Angelo Zarvas
Chaplain: Ted Nicholas
Board of Governors:
George Pappas, Chairman
Angelo Kostarides (PDG)
Angelo Zarvas
Andrew Spirrison
Dr. Harry Torney (PDG) - Advisor